Friday, February 8, 2008

The idea of SUPERMAN is what saves the world not the fictional character himself. People's belief in something better, a better way.    HOPE!!!!    "its not an S" Man of Steel

Solar Aid is a project that will provide a sustainable way out of poverty for entrepreneurial Kenyans, and a means to end reliance on harmful kerosene.
Also water pumps powered by solar power. SEE HERE

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So where is Superman when you really need him? Probably sitting at his type writer! At least writing can help change things too. It is better to be a Warrior Poet, than a warrior, who kills. This new concept of terrorism rather than "war", or "the cold war" is the new excuse to go to war. To some degree the FEAR of total destruction does help prevent wars. But how much better is LOVE as a prevention? Don't leave people to suffer while we enjoy luxury, then wonder why when they grow up they hate us and what our country represents. If no one suffered as a child would any of them grow up to be bitter and have terrorism in mind?